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When our children are involved in serious problems, which can affect their future, they must have specialists in the matter to advise and defend them, obtaining the best possible result in their case. At Pereira Abogados we have extensive experience in the defense of minors, obtaining acquittals in matters as complicated as drug trafficking crimes, sexual assaults, injuries, robberies or crimes committed over the internetby minors.

There are a large number of minors who have a cell phone, email and access to social networks on the Internet.

Crimes have increased on social networks and there are more and more cases that we receive in the office of minors who have been involved in some alleged criminal act within the network.

Sometimes they occur due to ignorance that a crime was being committed and other times due to the misuse of these new technologies and, of course, also due to the use that some subjects make of them to commit criminal acts.

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As parents we have the obligation and responsibility to protect minors against all these phenomena. Both against harassment from peers and from adults. Also if our children have been involved in the role of bullies.
Crimes related to minors and images via mobile phone, email and social networks on the Internet; have increased alarmingly

Dissemination of images or videos of classmates without their consent or using their personal data, impersonation, humiliation of a schoolmate, harassing with their cell phone…

All of this can be a crime, and represents a responsibility for the minor and her parents.

At Pereira Abogados we have the capacity to stop damages quickly, and with the greatest discretion and confidentiality that your family deserves.


Your child refuses any help and is not attending class. You don't know where you spend the day and you're already desperate. He does not know what to do.

Your son is in a critical phase. With the help of a lawyer specializing in minors from Pereira Abogados you can straighten her course. Let us help you. Our minor lawyer is a specialist in dealing with minors and has taken specific courses to understand their problems.

Your minor son has problems at the Institute. You are worried about your child's friends. Your son has received a warning from the Institute.

It is normal for minors to go through problematic stages during adolescence. Many times they are just trying to get attention. When a legal problem related to minors arises, it is necessary to have a good lawyer specialist in minors from Pereira Abogados.


His son has been arrested by the police for a fight with friends and they have called him to attend his statement. A school, police or judicial file has been opened against you.

Many times the legal problems of minors begin with a simple prank. But this situation must be stopped so that it does not lead to much more serious problems. You need a lawyer specialized in juvenile law from Pereira Abogados.

With the intention of providing the best service to our clients, at Pereira Abogados we have the support of a coach and psychologist specializing in minors and families, who will be able to advise and guide the minor and his family along the path of understanding and harmony. 

From Pereira Lawyers, we invite you to request more information.

We act to stop the damage quickly, and with the greatest discretion that your family deserves.

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